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Eyelash Extensions

Silk or Mink lashes are applied one at a time to individual lashes with semi-permanent glue. We offer lash lengths of 8 mm to 14 mm. Depending on your natural lash, the Esthetician can only put a certain length or thickness onto your natural lash as to not damage the natural lash.

The initial appointment takes about 2 hours and a fill, which is recommended every 3 - 4 weeks, takes about 90 minutes.

For the first 48 hours after the application, do not submerge your lashes in water as this will weaken the adhesive and can make the lashes fall off. Do not apply mascara to the lashes, or pull or rub the lashes as this can damage your natural lash.

Silk lash initial set... $120                     

Silk lash partial set or extended fill... $80

Silk fill... $49

Mink lash initial set... $220

Mink lash partial set or extended fill... $180

Mink fill... $90


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  • "This place was the answer to my prayers! I was nervous & in pain when I went through the door the first time. The front desk was friendly, & helped me right away with everything from scheduling to insurance questions. The doctors listened to my concerns & answered all my questions. We had a plan of action the first day. I was adjusted 3 times & my pain went from 7 & tearful to every now & then I feel a pulling sensation. They did not pressure me to keep coming back but for my health of my spine I will be back. If you want someone to 'have your back' this is the place to go. They made it possible to get back to my busy life....pain free!!!"